Moments of Mindfulness – Safe Space

Sometimes in life, especially when we are feeling stressed out or struggling with our mental health, it can be hard to look after ourselves properly. If you struggle with negative thinking, anger, or judging yourself, it can be helpful to get some distance from your thoughts… But it’s hard to know how! To help you with that, we have some short mindfulness activities that you can do in just a few minutes.

This video is intended to help you create a safe space in your mind where you feel comfortable and secure. It uses your breath to help you connect with the moment. We hope you will find it calming and helpful. Of course, you can revisit this space any time you want. Please click here to view the video or use the player below:

If you enjoyed this activity, we think you would love our Mindfulness workshop. Please click here to learn more and sign up. If this exercise didn’t work for you, then we also have more videos in this series to help you find one that will. Thank you for watching!

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