Compassion is the foundation of our philosophy and, combined with trust and honesty, we can thrive in our community together.

Enabling Town Slough is a community-driven, co-produced mental health and well-being partnership, which holistically builds on people’s strengths and abilities.  This creates a common purpose, a sense of belonging and builds connections throughout our community.  Through community connections we can be more innovative, and create an enabling environment in which we can all thrive by being Stronger Together.  Our philosophy effectively reduces isolation and loneliness, by building a stronger and more resilient community.

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Our mission

In Slough, we believe that people experiencing mental distress can direct their own journey towards improved mental health and to living independent, fulfilling lives, whatever that means to each individual.

We work alongside our people as they make choices that shape their own lives, and put them at the heart of our community. We value and strongly encourage people’s contributions to every aspect of our mental health service as they lead their journey towards greater wellbeing. We aim to help people achieve good physical and mental wellbeing, and live life to the full, by supporting every person as an individual, towards their own goals and aspirations. We have created a diverse, inclusive and influential user-led network with the strength to challenge inequality and improve lives.

Our core values


At the heart of everything we do.

Working alongside people

To help them as they make choices that shape their own lives, and put them at the heart of the community.


Working with people to establish authentic and mutual connections.


There is no hierarchy. Everyone is as important as everyone else, professionals and people alike.

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Our vision

We believe, and this is Slough’s experience, that it is more than just about service-users and their carers, including family and friends, attending and accessing a mental health service.

We believe that secondary mental health services in Slough focus on people being part of a philosophy where authentic recovery and well-being is rooted in a sense of belonging. Once people join they become members of a community, giving them the scope and ability to influence and shape their environment, in a meaningful way for both themselves and others. There is a high-level focus on choice, self-expression, support, opportunities and positive ownership and responsibility.

The majority of services detailed on this website are unique to the secondary mental health community, however there are now some available for primary service users. This is clearly marked on each service page to prevent confusion. As a whole, the site aims to be informative of the services and opportunities that are available within our community, and which people can access through our mental health services.

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Our philosophy

Compassion is the foundation of our philosophy and combined with trust and honesty we can thrive in our community together.

We want to be allowed to find our own voices and for our own unique individuality to be heard and seen. We would like to be empowered to help ourselves based on support, acceptance and kindness which will enable us to grow as people. We can all learn from each other and we don’t always want advice, sometimes it is to be non-judgmentally listened to and validated as human beings. We are not a diagnosis we are people and we would like to be involved in decisions around our mental health, and when this is not possible – to still be treated with utmost respect. Please do not concentrate on ‘un-wellness’ and find at least a small bit of ‘wellness’ each day.

‘The Circle Works’ works and it has no end of which we are a part and this we will defend.

Our philosophy was co-produced by The Circle Works which included: Peer Mentors, clients, carers, Community service providers, CMHT Staff, Recovery Team staff, ASSiST staff, Slough Borough Council commissioners, Clinical Director Slough, Head of Service Slough.

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