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Building on the strengths and abilities that are integral to the Slough community.

Enabling Town Slough aims to create a common purpose and a sense of belonging, and to build connections throughout our community. Through these community connections we can be more innovative, and create an enabling environment in which we can all thrive by being Stronger Together, addressing isolation and loneliness. We aim to bring together local resources and community partners across Slough to create a truly enabling town.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

What is Co-Production?

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What is Enabling Town Slough and who is it for?

Enabling Town Slough is a community-driven, co-produced mental health and well-being partnership, which builds holistically on people’s strengths and abilities through their engagement with community opportunities. These opportunities are aimed at secondary mental health service users, their friends & family, carers, and mental health professionals.

Community stories

"Working with the team at EMBRACE was invaluable"

A story from a member of EMBRACE’s Family and Friends group.

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"To give back to other people is priceless."

This quote from Sharon, one of our Volunteer Peer Mentors with Hope College and EMBRACE, explains why peer mentoring matters…

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Wellness with Hope College

Hope College offers a variety of opportunities for service users, Carers, and families of the Slough Community Mental Health Team to be involved ...

group of mixed aged men and women sitting discussing

Wellness with EMBRACE

EMBRACE is a community of people who have all been through similar struggles, and a place for you to share your difficulties with others who real...

We believe that we are Stronger Together by working alongside individuals and groups experiencing mental distress.

We believe in creating opportunities for people that support independence and personal agency, and help build resilience and well-being in our communities. We also believe in health as a social movement and that we are Stronger Together.

Individuals have more choice and control on their path to improved mental health.

Slough’s Mental Health Services have developed an innovative and unique combination of mental health practice and psychotherapeutic principles, applied across the whole town, in order to provide user-friendly mental health services.

This comprehensive approach to individuals and groups, has enabled people to acquire the abilities and skills to become increasingly independent of the mental health system.  Individuals have more choice in what they can do, and it has allowed for a more holistic programme.

This promotes our core values of providing hope, control and opportunity for people.

Slough’s mental health services have been developing an innovative and comprehensive pathway for the population of Slough by creating an ‘enabling environment’, which aspires to meet the needs of all those requiring mental health services. This is our ‘whole-town’ approach, founded on co-production and relational practice. The approach focuses on developing community resilience, independence and understands the importance of the wider community, thus the ‘whole-town’ approach.

“I am treated as a person, not as a mental health diagnosis.”

Slough’s Mental Health Services have challenged the misconceptions of what can be achieved by working together, and co-creating an enabling environment.

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