Carers: How do we support our carers?

The Slough Community Mental Health Team works closely with carers to ensure that their needs are met.

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Carers - the invaluable, often forgotten, resource.

Slough Mental Health Services have developed ways of working to ensure that carers feel informed and engaged in the care of the person they support as much as possible. To do this, we ensure that carers’ needs are assessed, granting them time to reflect on their own wellbeing. This means that any shortcomings can be met through individualised support plans, as each carer has their own unique circumstances. We would like to enable carers to focus on their own needs too, and help them to continue to care as well as enjoying a life of their own.

Please note that our Carer Support Worker is currently unavailable at Slough CMHT, so sadly it may be some time before we can respond to your queries. However, please direct any questions or comments to and we will do our best to get back to you quickly.

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What support is on offer?

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Carer's Assessments

Carers are entitled to have their needs assessed through a carer’s assessment. This allows carers to reflect on the impact their caring role is having on their own wellbeing and quality of life. It is often a starting place to empower carers in developing key skills to support them in their caring role, facilitating collaborative support and wellbeing plans for the carer, or 1:1 support – all promoting health and wellbeing for the carers. As a result of a carer’s assessment, carers may be entitled to a one-off direct payment to support them in achieving any of the needs identified during the assessment.

Hope College

Family & Friends Support Group

The Friends & Family group is a virtual support group with other Carers. Feedback so far highlights the value of speaking with other Carers and finding that you are not alone, as well as providing information about different aspects of mental health, covering everything from diagnosis all the way to recovery. Please contact us on for more info.

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Carer's Forum

Slough’s Older People’s Mental Health Service and the Memory Clinic want to ensure that carers and people who use services are at the centre of decision making.  We therefore have an active Carer’s Forum to allow carers to connect with the Carer Support Worker and each other. This occurs on the last Friday of the Month (and is currently being held virtually). Carers are invited to tell us their views about our services, make improvements, share ideas and ask any questions related to their caring role. There is also a chance for carers to support each other and share their experiences of caring.

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Carer's Workshops

We run dedicated carer’s workshops and support groups to help you meet other carers and receive Peer Support. We understand that your role as a carer is vital, and we want to help and support you wherever we can. Carers are also eligible for all workshops run by Hope College. We cover a range of coping strategies and self-care techniques to empower you to manage stress and enhance your emotional wellbeing. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have started running workshops online! For more information, please contact the Recovery Team.

The Carer's Assessment Process


Contact a Carer Support Worker to complete a carer registration and find out more about the support available

Initial Assessment

Telephone call with the carer to get an overview of their caring role and support they are looking for

Full Assessment

Full carer's assessment usually face-to-face (approx. 45 mins) – please note this is currently being conducted over the phone


Outcome and follow up plan created and agreed together

Annual Review

After 12 months, our Carer Support Workers will offer you a review

Call the Recovery Team (01753) 690950

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Attend our next Open Day

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Talk to your Mental Health Professional

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If you are a carer, whether family or friend, of a person under the Slough Community Mental Health Team then we recommend getting in touch with us on 01753 690950 and asking about our Carers services. There will always be someone welcoming, friendly, and there to listen.

If you are a carer of someone under the Older People’s Mental Health Team, please get in touch with their service on 01753 635220.

You may also wish to contact Slough Carers Support, which is run by Slough Borough Council.