We work alongside People as they make choices that shape their own lives, and put them at the heart of our community.

We believe that it is more than just about service users and their carers, family and friends, attending and accessing a mental health service. We believe that secondary mental health services in Slough focus on people being part of a philosophy, where authentic recovery and well-being is rooted in a sense of belonging.

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We believe we are stronger together.

We recognise that people experiencing mental distress, can direct their own journey towards improved mental health. We work alongside individuals and groups as they make choices that shape their own lives, and put them at the heart of the community. We are aiming to create health as a social movement.

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Guided by our values

Equality & inclusion

Support health equality and social inclusion across the whole community.

Choice & responsibility

Support people's right to choose, self-determination, adult responsibility, and encourage a positive attitude to mental health.


Work alongside people, so that individuals gain strength and influence by sharing experience and knowledge.


Listening, learning, adapting, valuing, and involving people.

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'Tidy Garden' by Jan - Art Beyond Belief

Enabling Town Slough in partnership with Public Health Slough

Slough Borough Council works to provide its residents with guidance, advice, and local provision to help live a healthy life. It is committed to helping residents improve their physical and mental health and well-being.

Our website is packed with advice, resources, stories, and links to inspire, educate, and assist you in reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

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The key elements of co-production

Co-production is about people and professionals working together as equal partners

Nobody is more important than anyone else, and everyone can do something to help people have better lives. We are a good team.

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The key elements of co-production

In co-production, everyone has a voice

People have a chance to be heard and really listened to. Their experiences are validated and valued.

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The key elements of co-production

Co-production results in positive experiences and outcomes

Working together, using each other's strengths and assets, we can change future opportunities for the better.

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