Keeping Safe When Feeling Unsafe

People can often feel unsafe during times of uncertainty – this can lead to an increase of thoughts in self-harming or ending your life. This session will help you to understand how services (including the Community Mental Health Team and the Crisis Response/Home Treatment Team) view these difficulties and offer you some suggestions on how you can look after yourself when feeling unsafe. Please be aware this session will focus on providing you with information and tools to manage distress; although there will be an opportunity for discussion, you will be asked to speak generically about your experiences to ensure others are not triggered. Please note this session will be 90 mins long.

This semester, Keeping Safe When Feeling Unsafe will run for a 90 min session at 11am-12.30pm on Tues 15th November.

This group will be Face to Face at New Horizons.

If you can spare a few minutes after the course, please fill out our course evaluation. This can be found here. It’s a very short questionnaire that really helps us develop and improve our workshops. Thank you for your help!

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