"When I first came to EMBRACE, I didn’t think my life would ever improve. But hearing where other members had come from, and with their encouragement, I could see a crack in my brick wall."

Alex from the EMBRACE Group

teddy holding a paper invite
Alex: I was invited to join a group, EMBRACE was its name.

“This friendly group has supported me through. And if you give them a chance they can help you too.”


When I was young, I had no worries or stress,
But as I grew up, my life was a mess.
As years passed by, I learnt to wear a mask,
Saying I was ok, which I knew wouldn’t last.

I hated the feelings, and shut them down each day,
Just hoping they would go, and stay away.
I couldn’t understand, why I hated them so much,
As I would always use them, and rely on them as a crutch.

I was so confused but needed to stay strong,
I needed help but to ask for was so wrong.
Asking for help, to me meant I was weak,
So I stayed very quiet, and did not speak.

Over the years, things went from good to bad,
My head would spin, and I thought I was mad.
I started to feel fear, when ever I’d go out,
My confidence went down, as I felt self doubt.

My problems I had, I kept locked deep in my heart,
Holding it all in, which tore me apart.
I was invited to a group, with EMBRACE as its name,
I thought what is the point, as I had nothing to gain.

But I promised I’d turn up, but then did not go,
At this point in my life, I just felt so low.
How can a group help me, I thought in my head,
All I want to do, is to cry and hide in my bed.

I was invited again, I said I would go
I nodded my head, but wanted to say NO!
The day grew closer, so I decided to try,
But in my head I just wanted to cry.

I turned up on the day, but felt I couldn’t go in,
My stomach was in knots, and felt I couldn’t win.
My legs turned to jelly, and my anxiety high,
My body went rigid, and I wanted to die.

With my heart rate racing, feeling this is the end,
I finally stepped in the room, and someone said “Hi, I’ll be your friend”.
I felt so nervous, and maybe scared,
But I seemed to be with others that actually cared.

With their support I began to trust again,
For once in my life, I felt less pain.
My head was so light, and free of stress,
The weight on my shoulders, felt so much less.

To gain their trust it took me a while,
Some days it felt like I had ran a mile.
But this friendly group has supported me through
And if you give them a chance they can help you too.

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