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BRAVE: Sitting with Difficulty

Resources. Youtube: 3 step breathing mindfulness practice, linger sitting with difficulty mindfulness practice, radical acceptance, chessboard analogy, the worry tree. Poem: Rumi, The Guest House.

BRAVE: Self-Compassion

Resources: The 3 Circles of Emotional Regulation – why self-soothing is important. Poem: Whatever doesn’t service you.

BRAVE: Building Resilience

Resources: Resilience in the face of coercive control. Youtube: 3 secrets of resilient people, the mountain mindfulness practice

BRAVE: Noticing the Positive

Resources: Pleasant event diary, 5 finger gratitude exercise. Youtube links: Safe space mindfulness practice, noticing calm mindfulness practice. Poem: Today was the absolute worst day ever.

BRAVE: Managing Emotions

Resources: Emotion wheel, Common thinking styles, CBT hot cross bun model. Poem: Autobiography. YouTube: Function of emotions and Noticing every moment