Enabling Town Slough – Launch of a Unique, New, Website

13th February 2020

Photo of Enabling Town Slough –  Launch of a Unique, New, Website

Slough Mental Health Services is launching its’ unique, new, Website Enabling Town Slough on Thursday 5 March 2020.

Slough’s Mental Health Services have developed an innovative and unique combination of mental health practice and psychotherapeutic principles, applied across the whole town, in order to provide user-friendly mental health services.

This comprehensive approach to individuals and groups, has enabled people to acquire the abilities and skills to become increasingly independent of the mental health system. Individuals have more choice in what they can do, and it has allowed for a more holistic programme.

The website is a platform specific to our secondary mental health community. It will be informative of the services and opportunities that are available within our community, and which people can access through secondary mental health services.

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