Uplifting Lockdown Poems – 1

If you have been struggling with being in lockdown recently as a result of coronavirus, then we’re here to reassure you that what you’re feeling is normal. It’s common to feel frightened, angry, or upset when thinking about this, and it’s been a very challenging time for everyone.

As a result, some of our brilliant EMBRACE group members have written some wonderful poems to keep you smiling and laughing as we face these hardships together. In this series of supportive material posts, we’ll share some of the material that has brought a smile to our faces. The photographs we use have all been taken by group members during lockdown – while sticking to the proper guidelines, of course!

To learn more about the EMBRACE programme, click here. And, if you would like to think about moving forward, then you may want to consider attending our Coming Out of Lockdown workshop. You can click here to learn more about it.

This poem was written by an EMBRACE group member to help us think positively about the future.

This photo was taken near Stoke Poges – nature is in full bloom!

Stoke Poges Horses

If you like the poems and photos in this series, you can find more on our Twitter feed here. We hope you found these poems and photos as uplifting as we did!

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