Managing Depression and Anxiety

In our supportive material on Understanding Depression and Anxiety, we looked at some of the causes and symptoms of these two common mental health issues. Now that you understand the background for them, the supportive material on this page will focus on taking some proactive steps to help make your life a bit easier.

Our “Helpful Tips” will give you a few activities to try and perhaps help you think about your difficulties from a new, different perspective. While not all these activities will work for everyone, our hope is that you’ll find one or two that are really useful for you.

In “Managing Your Own Risks”, we’ll look at three ways that our mental health services in Slough are working to help you feel empowered on your journey.

We know it can be tough to read or think about subjects like these, especially if you struggle with similar issues yourself. If you want to talk to someone, please remember you can ring Slough CMHT and the Recovery Team on 01753 690 950.

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