The Wellbeing & Coaching Service

Our aim is for service users to become their own experts, taking control of their lives by developing skills to manage their difficulties.

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What is Wellbeing & Coaching and who is it for?

If you currently get support from your GP, you might be able to join the Wellbeing & Coaching service. Using Life coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) methods, Wellbeing & Coaching helps people recognise their potential and break down obstacles to their success. This is instrumental in helping them get back into education or employment, which the service supports them to do. We run groups that provide a healthy sense of community spirit, fostering loyalty, contentment, and happiness for group members.

Through both group and individual sessions, our members learn strategies and develop skills to help them cope with their situations and overcome the problems they are facing. These interventions often result in a positive trickle-down effect on their children and other family members. The group sessions give members a strong sense of belonging, a feeling that they matter to one another and to the group, and a shared faith that individual needs will be met through commitment to be together.

In Wellbeing & Coaching, our aim is to give service users the tools to break out of the vicious cycle of mental health problems and become their own experts, empowering them to notice their triggers and even prevent relapses. Our group members also feel more secure when they know that they have others around them who share their goals and care about their progress.

We use the TGROW model of life coaching (explained below) to help service users realise their full potential and develop an “aware and sustaining” attitude to their own continuous personal development.

With regular guest speakers, our own support worker, and even a Café in the Curve, in Wellbeing & Coaching we are always finding new and innovative ways to help our service users take control, develop themselves, and become empowered.

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Education and Employment

We believe that one way to improve mental wellbeing in the long-term is to help our service users learn and improve their confidence. Academic opportunities available through Wellbeing & Coaching include Level 1 English, ESOL learning, and GCSEs. Additional support is accessible for higher education and the development of future employability skills. We can also provide early morning or evening one-to-one sessions for service users in employment who require support.

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Café in the Curve

The Wellbeing & Coaching Service work in collaboration with the Real Time Experience Café, an award-winning Slough-based Social Enterprise.  The Wellbeing & Coaching Service members supervise and volunteer in the day to day running of the Café in the Curve in central Slough. From the impulse to revitalise the café to the grand re-opening, Wellbeing & Coaching has helped individuals realise their dream every step of the way. Our hope for the café is to become a hub for the Slough community, combatting loneliness and bringing people together!

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Wellbeing & Coaching Support Worker

Our Support Worker is able to assist our service users however they need: liaising with Social Workers, schools, housing, and plenty of other agencies depending on what would be helpful for the client. This vital role has proved to be a great success and really creates added value by reminding our service users what matters most: their wellbeing.

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The Lockdown

Finally, during Coronavirus lockdown, our clients have been able to demonstrate incredible resilience and have been emailing their artwork, crafts and amazing photography into the office (which is now covering the entire office walls), so when they can eventually come together again they can share their experiences of lockdown. You can see some of their brilliant work elsewhere on this page!

The TGROW Model


This model of Life coaching aims to give our service users the building blocks to create a better future.

Topic for Coaching

Deciding on the area of your life that you want to develop.

Goals for Coaching

Setting specific and realistic goals for your development

Reality Check

Understanding where you are now, not just where you want to be


Considering the most appropriate choices to empower you in your development

Way Forward

Discovering and actuating the path to your new self

Frequently Asked Questions

Referrals to our service are made from different agencies in Slough, such as The Children’s Trust, Health Visitors, Schools, Youth Services, Family Centres, and more. Please speak to your worker from those services if you would like to be referred, or email us at to get in touch. Thank you!