Dealing with Anger

In this supportive material, we’ll be looking at anger: what it is, why we feel it, and how we might be able to control it. In “What is Anger?”, you’ll discover some of the physical symptoms or elements of anger as well as why they exist. Then, in the second exercise, you’ll learn about the different stages of anger via the anger curve, as well as some ways in which you might be able to respond calmly when you encounter a triggering situation.

Please click or tap either of the buttons to view the files. You are welcome to download and keep them–you may wish to print out or write down some of the positive self-talk statements for future use, for example.

If you do find this material useful, you may be interested in taking our Hope College workshop on Anger Management. Please click here for more information and remember you can sign up in just a few clicks via the enrolment form on our Courses page.

We know it can be challenging to read or think about subjects like the ones we cover in some of our supportive material pages, especially if you struggle with similar issues yourself. If you want to talk to someone, please remember you can ring Slough CMHT and the Recovery Team on 01753 690 950.

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